Júlia M. Campistany Albareda

Height: 1.8 m

Weight: 607.6 N

First thing she drank: A teaspoon of coffee (Thanks dad!)

She has: Small hands and ears

She doesn't have:  A tattoo

My name is Júlia Maria Campistany Albareda, that is why I shortened the company name to La Campistany.

It was around eight years ago I went to Cronopis, a training and creation space in the outskirts of Barcelona without knowing almost anything about contemporary circus and I immediately fell in love with it, specially with trapeze.

I started training next to my Engineering studies and through the years this passion for moving and performing became an urge. I got caught up by the balance between movement, music
and theater and I decided to stop my previous profession to let this passion become my new life. Codarts is the place where I develop my own style and I go deeper into trapeze technique and artistic research.

In the Netherlands, I had the pleasure to be directed by Francesco Sgrò, Roberto Magro, Alba Sarraute, Arthur Rosenfeld, got masterclasses by Kim-Jomi Fisher, Malgorzhata Haduch, Elodie Doñaque,and worked with Meyer-Chaffaud and Circus Ronaldo.


Since I moved to the north of Europe, I became more punctual, I lack vitamin D and I got used to shaking hands instead of kissing strangers. It happens...

Stage qualities: freedom on stage, stage presence and improvisation skills.