De Wonderlijke Kerst van Circus Ronaldo


De Wonderlijke Kerst from Circus Ronaldo it is a lively party evening with a melancholy night and sometimes a small miracle. It is a special experience for young and old that impresses, moves and returns to the pure and genuine emotion that Christmas is all about. This performance turns every winter evening into a warm moment.

Júlia Campistany was a solo performer in the show De Wonderlijke Kerst during the winter of 2018.

SOUL#2 PERFROMERS by Meyer-Chaffaud

The choreographer duo Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud are currently working on the second part of their SOUL series, with which they search for the true nature of being human.  
With the new creation SOUL # 2 Performers you descend with the dance makers in the inner world of the performers. What would they be without you, the audience? Why do they do what they do? What is it about working for a choreographer and art challenges and pushing your own boundaries?

Choreografie Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud | dans Claire Hermans, David Krugel, João Dinis Pinho, Kinda Gozo, Konstantino Kranidiotis, Quinty Boer | trapeze Júlia Campistany | tekst Hans van den Boom | Engelse vertaling Jenny Mijnhijmer | muzieksamenstelling Jérôme Meyer | lichtontwerp Albert Tulling

Première: 18, 19,20th April 2018 Korzo Theater. Den Haag